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City of Eugene Information Services Division

The Information Services Division (ISD) builds and maintains the City of Eugene’s technologies to meet the evolving needs of our community and employees. As part of the Central Services Department, ISD supports more than 51 City facilities throughout the community connected by a high-speed fiber optic network. Additional ISD operations include supporting free public WiFi at City facilities and properties, over 1.8 million in revenue from the City website, over 110 servers, and a full range of support for personal computers, laptops, and mobile computers for Police, Fire and building inspection. The Information Services Division staff provide core services such as a full range of computer network management and operations; software development, acquisition and support; internet, e-government and intranet support; telecommunications technologies; and telecommunications franchise management. The future leader of this division of about 50 professional and technical staff will continue to explore and recommend technology solutions to meet the changing needs of our employees and community.


  • 100 W 10th Ave
  • Suite 450
  • Eugene, OR 97401


Contact Information

  • Keri Beraldo
  • 541-682-5070